DataPRO Partnership


Being the largest Chambers Union in Greece, with more than 880,000 businesses from the whole spectrum of business activity, the UHC represents the “voice of business community” and will disseminate and exploit Project’s results in the most sustainable way. Enrolling our Open – Consultation Process UHC is going to reach out and establish the importance of our Joint DPO VET Curricula, to the most vivid businesses in Greece.


AMC is one of the largest private VET Providers in Greece (more than 8500 students nationwide) and is established as an institution of educational excellence. Offering both Law and IT, including Forensic science, AMC demonstrates a record of high experience in GDPR 2016/679 covered areas, used as an input during the design of the Joint DPO VET Curriculum.


EOPPEP is the Greek National Accreditation Body with the mission to link VET with labour market needs, upgrading occupational qualifications, reinforcing employment perspectives and strengthening social cohesion. EOPPEP will play an important role in the development of a sustainable recognition process linking DPO Curricula with EQAVET and the EQF.


CCCI is the largest Business Organization in Cyprus with over 8,000 members, almost 95% Cyprus’ businesses. It will play a key role in awareness raising and trust building between DPOs and business sector, ensuring the largest possible impact and assuring that our results will be introduced to day to day business operations.


CERIDES is a research institute of the European University Cyprus and has already participated in a large number of EU Funded projects, while has amassed significant experience. Among them CERIDES has taken part as a partner in the DG HOME funded project “Cyprus Cybercrime Center of Excellence”, an experience that is going to be used as an input during the implementation of DataPRO.


ACQUIN is a German Private Accreditation Body specialised in the evaluation and accreditation of study programmes for different types of Training Institutions (HEIs) in Germany and abroad as well as evaluation and accreditation of quality management systems. ACQUIN, is offering the linkage between private and public validation and accreditation, resulting the harmonization of Joint DPO VET Curriculum, a prerequisite its wider use in EU Countries.


CIT has strong expertise about the current situation in data protection, identifying skills and shortages in Germany. Having implemented projects related to entrepreneurship and skills development using DACUM, CIT has a broad network to institutions for vocational education and training as well as regional Chambers of Commerce, providing us with input on current Data Protection related Curricula and with vast experience in the field of TNA and application of DACUM methodology.

IHF asbl

IHF asbl is a non-profit organisation established in Brussels (Belgium) in 2003, and will undertake the necessary Actions for introducing our findings to Stakeholders in Brussels, with a special focus on GDPR related Institutions.


IHK is an important Chamber with in-house VET experts. Working closely with CIT, they will provide a strong linkage to the business sector, applying our Open Consultation awareness raising methodology in Germany.


ReadLab is a Greece-based research institution that aims to generate positive social and sustainable impact through innovation. Drawing on expertise of its staff, it will provide among others, technology-enhanced learning solutions supporting our proposed mobility tool.